Achieve 2-7% increase in return on sales

Periscope embeds McKinsey IP into your everyday activities to help you drive better performance
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    "… Periscope’s impact was phenomenal…
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    to redesign the way we work”
    Commercial Director of world leader Consumer Good Company
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    *MarketScope for Price Optimization and Management Software for B2B (2013)
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Apply Periscope to drive better performance


Get transparency into big data, insights into competitor strategies, and clarity on the profitability of every transaction, customer, and region to enable fact-based decision making and enhance commercial management.


Act on practical recommendations derived from Periscope’s advanced analytical algorithms with embedded McKinsey IP to improve price setting, promotional investments, assortment optimization, and category optimization.


Build critical knowledge and capabilities within your organization to empower self-sustaining programs of excellence around price, margin, and category optimization.

What problem do you need to solve?

Find a Solution

  • I want to manage my big data and optimize prices and margins
    • I need granular transparency into my big data:
      Performance Vision
    • I need real-time market intelligence across online channels:
      Market Vision
    • I need to optimize pricing for large one time transactions:
      Deal Advisor
    • I need to optimize my price setting:
      Price Advisor
    • I need to build organizational capabilities to drive new levels of margin performance:
  • I want to optimize merchandising and categories management

Examples of how Periscope drives impact

  • Category captain

    A leading FMCG company wanted to optimize their product-mix by store type. Periscope’s consumer centric approach was instrumental in helping them achieve category captain. They gained between 5-10% category growth during the pilot phase alone, twice faster than the market average

  • Clarify performance

    A global beverage group wanted to optimize return on sales by identifying key drivers of performance. Periscope helped them analyze price alongside brand, pack, region, and channel to give managers real-time insights into the optimal mix of channel sales & distribution

  • Double-pocket margins

    This mega-scale chemicals company lacked the transparency needed to identify opportunities across its 2,000 products and 1,300 sales people. Periscope helped them identify opportunities equivalent to 40X the project investment amount, leading to a doubling of pocket margins.


Key facts

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Why choose Periscope

Fast and Intuitive

Periscope is fast to set up – weeks not years – and intuitive to use

Proven & successful

Periscope embeds codified best practices from decades of McKinsey Marketing & Sales leadership and 40 years of proprietary benchmarked data

Ongoing improvement

Periscope benefits from continuous improvement, leveraging McKinsey’s global revenue and commercial performance management engagements across industries